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• Check the expiry date and conditions of storage and use of food;

• Avoid acquire perishable foodstuffs exposed on public and anonymous way;

• Prepare foods quickly, cook them at the required temperature and serve immediately;

• Minced meat must be prepared on the spot at the request and for the client;

• Wash fresh fruits and vegetables in clean water before eating or cooking;

• Immediately discard the spoiled food, it is not enough to remove the damaged parts;

• Pay attention to the break in the cold chain by buying chilled and frozen food;

• Keep certain foods, such as meat and meat products, away from other foods during storage and preparation. 


 The online information portal CNRC is a comprehensive directory of Algerian companies. through simple clicks, you can access all the economic and legal data collected by the National Center of the Trade Register, more than 1.5 million commercial ESTABLISHMENTS located throughout Algerian territory.



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