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The mixed brigades of control are created at the rate of one or more by wilaya, by joint order of the Minister in charge of finance and the Minister responsible for trade.

They are responsible for the implementation of decisions and programmes of controls adopted by the coordinating committees.  They consist of officials chosen from among the staff of the three (3) offices concerned with at least the rank of Inspector principal and three (3) years of seniority in the service.

  They operate on the basis of a programme of work agreed quarterly by the Committee of coordination of wilaya.  Among their missions; carry out checks, inter alia, to natural and legal persons carrying out import and marketing in terms of wholesale or retail operations and, more generally, to any person involved in the commercial channels to ensure the compliance of these operations with tax, customs and commercial laws in force.

Executive Decree n ° 97-290 of 27 July 1997 is designed to establish and organize an inter-ministerial Coordination Committee, wilaya coordinating committees and of mixed brigades of joint control between services of taxation and customs of the Ministry of finance and enforcement of economic surveys and the repression of fraud of the  commerce ministry.

Assessment of the results of the mixed brigades of control is entrusted to the Inter-Ministerial Committee, which meets in extraordinary session and deliberates on the basis of the results and proposals of ratings reports by wilaya Committee.

The meeting of the Committee is sanctioned by a minutes which is transmitted to the relevant Ministers, for information, as well as the presidents of the coordinating committees of wilaya, for execution.

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